Guidelines for Contributors

It’s easy enough to become a contributor. If you want to share a post-processing technique, just leave a comment on the About page and express your interest in sharing. The only thing we’ll need to add you as a contributor is the email you use with WordPress so we can send you an invite.

Some guidelines for posting here:

1. Keep it clean (language and visuals). This is a family friendly blog.

2. Encourage comments and conversation. Let’s hear from everyone how they post-process.

3. Include screen shots where possible to help our readers figure out what we’re talking about.

4. Share the source image so readers can see where you started.

5. Include software versions where relevant.

6. Post as often as you feel inspired to post. If anyone ever asks you how you achieved a certain look, consider writing a post and putting it here.

7. Please answer questions from our readers (assuming we get some readers…).

8. If you see a photo on WordPress that has some interesting post-processing, invite the blogger to share their techniques on our blog.





6 thoughts on “Guidelines for Contributors

    • Hi Andy, I just need your email address (the one registered with WordPress) and I’ll add you as a contributor. Is it the one on your website contact page? Then you’re off to the races. Posts aren’t moderated. Once you’re a contributor you can post as often as you like. My understanding is that posting here should then basically work the same way as it does on your own blog.

  1. hello.I mostly use lightroom (well,that’s not totally honest of me.Better to say i only use lightroom!). I’d be happy to share details of how i get certain looks, but I’m pretty new at this and mostly tweak existing presets.Anyways, if anyone wants to have a look at some of my pics, and then still thinks I’d be able to contribute something useful here, I’m happy to do so 🙂

    • Always happy to have new contributors. Send me (mmoruzi at gmail dot com) the email address you use for WordPress and I’ll set you up as a contributor. Include some hints about what kind of LR techniques you’re planning to share too!

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